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TheProdcast is our effort to bring out the stories, experiences, and voices behind products and technologists. When we initially started this podcast, while during our Women in Product community days, we covered different domains of product ranging from product management to marketing, support, design, and development, providing insights around the functional aspects of how products get built.

With thousands of listeners for our Season 1, our idea towards the Season 2 took a shift—we wanted more women and their work to be featured in the limelight. Keeping impactful technology as our base, we also received nominations from a lot of women founders worldwide. We're happy now to be hosting some of the best stories in each episode of our current season, including people like Polina Marchenko, Shruti Gandhi, Linda Zhang, Nita Singh Kaushal, Anne-Laure Le Cunff, (and many more to follow).

After close to 1.5 years of building our base, we’re happy to be sharing 50+ insightful and impactful technology stories. And, here’s our latest leap—we’re live on Product Hunt, and even got featured as #3 Product of the day. Thanks a ton for being there to support us, even if it was through little efforts. 🙏

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