Upskilling India's tech professionals with leadership coaching ft. Aishwarya GoelListen now (27 min) | The story of PeakPerformer and its founder who is on a mission to build and grow a community of mentor-led network
Women, money, and tech ft. Chaitra ChidanandListen now (27 min) | The story of women, their life choices, money decisions, and how tech solves for all of these.
Leading the global tech social entrepreneurship game ft. Anubha Maneshwar Listen now (35 min) | The story of GirlScript Foundation, career preparedness for college grads, and running a tech-powered nonprofit.
News as a meme service ft. Tanvi Raut DessaiListen now (28 min) | The story of Filter Coffee and how they are transforming the way business news is consumed by Indian youngsters.
How to build a curiosity-driven career in the tech world ft. Zainab GhadiyaliListen now (21 min) | The story of how to overcome imposter syndrome, explore interest-based opportunities, and navigate different career transitions
How do you interact with your physical world? ft. Yana WelinderListen now (30 min) | The story of how smart home devices no longer have to have broken apps. One system to control everything.
The first-time founder lessons ft. Katharine JiangListen now (35 min) | The story of a first-time founder who also juggles an investor hat.
AI-powered drone maps for Covid hotspots ft. Ayushi MishraListen now (33 min) | The story of how drone maps and analytics were used in setting up a Covid hotspots dashboard by Team DronaMaps.
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