Building a leadership lab for empowering high school girls ft. Nita Singh Kaushal


Check out our 4th episode of TheProdcast S02:

In this episode, Nita Singh Kaushal, Founder of Miss CEO and professor at Stanford University, talks to Aishwarya about her growing up in the Silicon Valley, early product experiences in Intel and Yahoo!, the importance of leadership training especially for high school girls and young women, and the role she gets to play as a technologist with a purpose.


Takeaways from this episode:

  • The journey of MissCEO—the milestones and struggles

  • Why topics like negotiation aren’t spoken about much

  • Women and leadership

  • What influences growing up in the Silicon Valley brought about

  • How senior PM experiences + teaching at Stanford blend with empowering more women into shaping their paths

    and more…

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