A technology upgrade to tailoring ft. Aamna Khan

The story about how Binks (YC S19) is working towards solving the ever-growing need of urban Indian women—finding the perfect fit for their clothing.


Check out our 7th episode of TheProdcast S02:

In this episode, Aamna Khan, CEO and Co-Founder of Binks, talks to Aishwarya about the role of technology in designing customized clothing. Traveling through the years of sartorial traditions, Aamna covers why women haven't always been able to find a perfect fit for their clothing. Binks is a technology startup addressing this important problem in the Indian market, and it aims to provide not just the right fit but a seamless outfit experience from the comfort of our homes.

Bonus part of this episode is Aamna discussing about how her startup got selected in the Y Combinator accelerator program, how the interviews and funding process work, and more. Listen on!


Takeaways from this episode:

  • How made-to-measure clothing works and is still a huge challenge in the Indian market

  • The selection process of Y Combinator and the way interviews work

  • The role of technology in tailoring—what goes on the behind-scenes of Binks?

  • A walkthrough of the customer experience, from picking the fabric to getting it back fully stitched.

  • Pivots that Binks had all through its 3-year journey

  • Some real-time entrepreneurial lessons from a first-time founder

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